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15/07/2011 Génération Dance Machine documentary

You can view the documentary about Dance Machine on French TV's website W9 Replay section during 1 week from yesterday.


12/07/2011 Génération Dance Machine : first TV show about the 90s concerts

We've been waiting for it during many years, at last a documentary about the 90s Dance Machine concerts, featuring parts of the shows as well as snippets of the greatest hit's videoclips. First broadcasting on French channel W9 on July 13th at 20:40 (Paris time), second broadcasting same day at 23:40. Third broadcasting on July 30th at 18:00 More infos.
After this promising beginning, why not broadcasting the complete shows ?


18/06/2011 Génération Dance Machine : the new trailer


16/06/2011 Génération Dance Machine : lineup changes (continued)

Black Box leaves the tour. Ice MC will join from the 2012 part of the tour.
Double You will be on stage during the concert in Colmar, but since he is not mentioned on the new poster, it is not sure he'll keep on with the rest of the tour.

Affiche Dance machine Génération


21/05/2011 Génération Dance Machine : lineup changes


Gala will be replaced by Ray & Anita (former 2 Unlimited) during the second part of the tour.


30/04/2011 The Dance Machine Tour official compilation, out now


12/04/2011 About Génération Dance Machine on Paris GayZik

Paris GayZik wrote a very complet article (in French) about Dance Machine Génération concert in Paris : proceedings of the show, introduction of main artists, interviews of Boris, Gala and Indra


09/04/2011 Génération Dance Machine : agains some new tour dates

CHAMBERY Le Phare 13 octobre 2011
GENEVE Arena 14 octobre 2011
LYON Halle Tony Garnier 15 octobre 2011


20/03/2011 Photos of the Génération Dance Machine concert in Nantes

Every week, the Eurodance Encyclopaedia will publish photo galleries of eurodance artists appearances

on Génération Dance Machine in Nantes


12/03/2011 Génération Dance Machine : new tour dates

Tickets available from March 14th
BAYONNE Les Arènes 10 août 2011 - 21:00
PARIS Zénith 3 novembre 2011 - 20h30
ORLEANS Zénith 4 novembre 2011 - 20h30
AMIENS Zénith 5 novembre 2011 - 20h30
DUNKERQUE Kursaal 10 novembre 2011 - 20h30
LILLE Zénith Arena 12 novembre 2011 - 20h30
NICE Nikaia 18 novembre 2011 - 20h30
ST ETIENNE Zénith 19 novembre 2011 - 20h30
LE MANS Antares 25 novembre 2011 - 20h30
COURNON D'AUVERGNE Zénith 1er décembre 2011 - 20h30
GRENOBLE Summum 2 décembre 2011 - 20h30
BESANCON Micropolis 3 décembre 2011 - 20h30
REIMS Parc des Expositions 9 décembre 2011 - 20h30
AMNEVILLE Galaxie 10 décembre 2011 - 20h30
TOURS Parc des Expositions 16 décembre 2011 - 20h30
ANGERS Amphitéa 17 décembre 2011 - 20h30


11/03/2011 Génération Dance Machine compilation

To be released on April 14th


04/03/2011 Additional dates for Dance Machine Tour to be soon revealed

Bordeaux, Besançon, Nice et Orléans could be among the new dates. Which could let us think that first concerts had the expected success. More infos soon...


03/03/2011 Dance machine Tour - Rehersals started

Misery will be among the songs that Indra will sing during the concert (on a choreography directed by Céline Kitsais). More infos on the Tour's Facebook account


17/02/2011 Dance Machine Tour trailer


18/11/2010 Dance Machine Tour update

Official name of the tour will be Generation Dance Machine. Tickets range from 37 to 55 euros. The schedule previously annonced was completely modified. More infos, lineup and booking on the official website (thanks to Paris Gayzine).

NANTES Zénith Métropole J. 17 mars 2011 - 20h30
CAEN Zénith V. 18 mars 2011 - 20h30
ROUEN Zénith S. 19 mars 2011 - 20h30
LILLE Zénith Grand Palais V. 25 mars 2011 - 20h30
LYON Halle Tony Garnier S. 26 mars 2011 - 20h30
PARIS Zénith V. 1 avril 2011 - 20h30
STRASBOURG Zénith S. 2 avril 2011 - 20H30
MARSEILLE Le Dôme V. 8 avril 2011 - 20h30
TOULOUSE Zénith S. 9 avril 2011 - 20h30
MONTPELLIER Zénith Sud D. 10 avril 2011 - 18h00
DIJON Zénith V. 15 avril 2011 - 20h30
RENNES Liberté S. 16 avril 2011 - 20h30

Affiche Dance machine Génération


23/09/2010 Hot news !

This is now official, a 90s tour called Dance Machine will take place in France in 2011. Will be featured : Corona, Black Box, Haddaway, Indra...
On stage, 10 dancers with the artists. The concert will be presented by Charly & Lulu.
It will be produced by Cheyenne Productions, with the same technical team as RFM PARTY 80 tour.

Fr. 18/03/2011 Zénith (Caen)
Sat. 19/03/2011 Zénith (Rouen)
Fr. 25/03/2011 Zénith (Lille)
Sat. 26/03/2011 Halle Tony Garnier (Lyon)
Fr. 01/04/2011 Zénith (Paris)
Sat. 02/04/2011 Zénith (Strasbourg)
Fr. 08/04/2011 Le Dome (Marseille)
Sat. 09/04/2011 Zénith (Toulouse)
Sun. 10/04/2011 Zénith (Montpellier) (18:00)
Fr. 15/04/2011 Zénith de Nantes


03/09/2010 A new Dance Machine compilation

A triple compilation entitled Dance Machine Anthologie was released on August 30th 2010.


01/08/2010 Dance Machine ads

You can watch ads for Dance Machine compilations on INA website. The INA (Institut national de l'audiovisuel, French for National Audiovisual Institute), is a repository of all French radio and television audiovisual archives.


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