Most concerts took place at the Palais Omnisport de Bercy in Paris, on a saturday evening, and lasted a little more than 2 hours. Most artists sung playback. The shows gathered more than 17 000 people.

The concert's concept was renewed everytime. Not less than 8 cameras were used, as well as a lot of special effects (visual effects of course, but also additional crowd sounds).

I need help to complete the concerts' playlists for the Disco Machine and DM2000...


Dance Machine 1 (1993) see details
Pres. by : Laurent Boyer, Jill Hamilton, Yves and Hervé Noël, Difool, Treize, Cauet, Bill, Alvine and Boudine

With : Ace Of Base, Culture Beat, DJ Bobo, Dr Alban, East 17, GO Culture, Haddaway, Indra, MC Sar and the Real McCoy, Pleasure Game, Space Master, Spagna, Stakka Bo, Sub Sub, Time To Time


Dance Machine 2 (1994) see details
Pres. by : Laurent Boyer, Jill Hamilton, DiFool, Bill, Yves Noël.

With : 2 Unlimited, Ace Of Base, Cappella, Carpe Diem, Culture Beat, Double You, East 17, Eternal, Haddaway, Ice MC, Joy Salinas, M People, NKOTB, Staxx, Urban Cookie Collective


Dance Machine 3 (1994) see details
Pres. by : Yves Noël, Cauet, Difool, Laura Marine, Génie, Bill, le Doc.

With : Ace Of Base, Blur, Cappella, CJ Lewis, Corona, D:ream, Egma, Eternal, FKW, Ice MC, Khaled, Magic Affair, Opus III, Reel 2 Real, Shanna, Silja, Yazz


Dance Machine 4 (1994) see details
Pres. by : Max, Ophélie Winter (it was her first Dance Machine concert), Génie, DiFool, Laura Marine, Cauet, Laurent Boyer, Laurence Romance (still wearing extravagant SM outfits), Olivier...

With : Black Box, Cappella, Corona, Crystal Waters, Culture Beat, Dawn Penn, Ice MC, Jam & Spoon, Magic Affair, Masterboy, Maxx, Rozalla, Salt n'Pepa


Dance Machine 5 (1995) see details
Pres. by : Ophélie Winter, Laurence Romance, Yves Noël, Cauet, DiFool.

With : 2 In A Room, 2 Unlimited, 20 Fingers, Centory, Corona, DJ Bobo, Dr Alban, Ice MC, Jimmy Somerville, Juliet Dunn, Kylie Minogue, Magic Affair, Masterboy, MC Sar and the Real McCoy, Reel 2 Real, Take That, Technotronic, Whigfield, Zhane


Dance Machine 6 (1995) see details
Pres. by : Ophélie Winter, Yves Noël, DiFool

With : 20 Fingers, Bucketheads, Captain Hollywood Project, Centory, E-rotic, E-Type, East 17, Egma, Elevatorman, Eve Gallagher, Haddaway, JK, La Bouche, Masterboy, MN8, Nina, Ophélie Winter, Snap, U96


Dance Machine 7 (1995) see details


Dance Machine 8 (1996) see details
Pres. by : Ophélie Winter, Yves Noël, Charly, Lulu, Di Fool, Bill

With : 20 Fingers, 740 Boyz, Ace Of Base, Cappella, CJ Lewis, Corona, E-Sensual, E-Type, Fun Factory, La Bouche, Masterboy, MN8, Nightcrawlers, Ophélie Winter, Scatman John, Sister Queen, Worlds Apart


Dance Machine 9 (1996) see details
Pres. by : Yves Noël and Bill

With : B-One, Backstreet Boys, Boris, Boyzone, Corona, E-Type, Fun Factory, Gusto, Ice MC, JK, Los Del Mar, PJ & Duncan, Republica, Sarah, TH Express, Voice, Worlds Apart, Zhi-vago


Disco Machine (1996) see details
Pres. by : Philippe Corti, Yves Noël


Dance Machine 100% Boys (1997) see details
Pres. by : Yves Noël, Séverine Ferrer, Miguel Derennes, the actor David Charvet, the model Alice Evans and Nathalie Vincent.

With : 2 Be 3, 3T, Alliage, Boyzone, Culture Beat, David Charvet, Down Low, East 17, G Squad, Gala, Mark Owen, MN8, Poetic Lover, Ricky Martin, Top Boys, Worlds Apart


Dance Machine Special Boys (1997) see details
Pres. by : Yves Noël, Severine Ferrer, Nathalie Vincent, Sophie Coste, Miguel

With : 2 Be 3, All Saints, Alliage, Bellini, Blackstreet, Coolio, David Charvet, Domino, Eternal, G Squad, Nek, Peter André, Poetic Lovers, Ricky Martin, Top Boys, Tribal Jam, Ultimate Kaos, Worlds Apart


Dance machine 100% été (1998) see details
Pres. by : Yves Noël and Miguel Derennes, along with a virtual moderator.
For once not in Bercy but in the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon.

With : 2 Be 3, Ace Of Base, Alan Theo, Cumba Gawlo, Davinia, Deni Hines, Gérald, Hanson, Lorie Simpson, Poetic Lover, Rachid Taha, Rodrigo Bay, Sweetbox, Thalia, Ultimate Kaos, Worlds Apart


Dance machine 2000 (2000) see details
Pres. by : Sandrine Quetier, Bob, Barth & Max

With : Abacab, Alice Deejay, Cleopatra, Janeiro, Lady, Larusso, Lou Bega, Organiz', S Club 7, Salome de Bahia, Sawt el Atlas, Sunshiners, Yannick


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